Canlı Destek

Commercial Translation

Under this title the translation service for documents such as

  • commercial documents and correspondences
  • contracts
  • tender documents
  • bids
  • feasibility reports
  • banking and finance documents
  • meeting minutes
  • official and legal documents
  • judicial sentences
  • laws
  • bylaws and regulations
  • power of attorney
  • letters of consent

and written contracts is offered.

The translations of various texts with commercial nature such as commercial proposals, banking, financial transactions, contracts, tenders, balance of sheet, reports, feasibilities, meeting minutes and writings with the purpose of promotion are within the scope of commercial translation.

In the case that you need the translation of your business documents or any document necessary in commercial field, all sorts of documents and correspondences of yours such as balance sheet, trade registry journal, operating certificate, bid are translated in writing by sworn translators in all languages.

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