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Sworn translations are those texts translated from the source language to the target language in accordance with the original meaning by a sworn translator, signed and sealed. In our cadre sworn translators translating in more than 90 world languages are charged. Sworn translator is a title granted to those graduated from 4 year department of translation and interpretation of universities with the swearing certificates they sign after they apply to the notaries with their diplomas. Documents translated, signed and sealed by the sworn translators are sworn documents. Sworn translators are recognized only by those notaries they are associated to. A translator may be granted swearing certificate from various notaries.

In this regard there is no restriction. Generally consulates and courts require the signature of a sworn translator in official documents translated. In order the official document to go abroad to be recognized officially it is required that first of all they are translated to the language spoken in the country it shall be sent by a translator who is a sworn one in that language, the translation is certified by the notary and the Apostil certification (Apostil: It is a document certification system that provides the legal usage of a document in another country through the certification of its truth) is made by the district governorship or by provincial governorship. This situation may vary according to the characteristic of the document or to the country the document shall be sent.

Again according to the characteristic of this document and to the place it shall be sent, only the cachet and signature of the translator may be sufficient as well. The sworn translator does not add any comments to the translation he/she produces, he/she cannot give place to ant statement other than the one meant in the original document, cannot make any amendments in the document. There are subject(s) in which each sworn translator is specialized. A translator being a sworn translator does not mean that he/she can make translation in every subject. This is entirely a matter of the initiative of the translator.

Finally it is the translator who will sign under the translation he/she produces and who will take the responsibility. The recruitment of the sworn translators should be performed conscientiously and scrupulously. In the applications by the candidate translators they are requested to make sample translations in the branches they are professional in. We compose our cadre with translators professional in their own fields in this manner.


Acceptances of sworn translators in many countries of Europe vary compared to the ones in our country. That is in some countries of Europe, for instance in Spain there are two ways of being a sworn translator. One of them is automatically being granted that right by being graduated from the concerned department at the university or if you are a citizen of that country to get achievement in the examination organized by the Ministry of Domestic Affairs of Spain. Thus one gains the title of sworn translator.


Spoken languages compose the focal point of international communications. To say something a person wants to express in his/her language in another language and enabling others to understand what he/she has said is the basis of interpretation. TELE TERCME supplies service of interpretation in 1000 world languages.


It is the sort of interpretation in which the process of interpretation is realized simultaneously when the orator is talking. In this interpretation a cabin with sound isolation provided for the interpreter and a microphone for the orators as well as headphones to be distributed to the audience are required.


It is the sort of interpretation in which the interpreter interprets using a device simultaneously while the orator makes his/her speech. The interpreters sit in a cabin with headphones and microphones the equipment and design for this sort of interpretation of which is made specially. They listen to the speech from the headphones and interpret to the other language simultaneously taking turns in approximately 20-30 minutes.


This sort of interpretation has been brought to the agenda through the current changes in the technology of our date making communications and conferences among those people in distant places who are unable to come together due to various reasons possible. All of the equipments we use for this interpretation are compatible with the standards of AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters).


The interpreter interprets what has been said after the orator finishes his/her sentence or paragraph with the aid of the notes he/she takes during the speech as well.


It is a sort of interpretation served in those situations where the service of translation is not possible in a stable environment for instance for those who make diplomatic or business trips to foreign countries or for those coming from foreign countries for similar purposes and a sort of translation where the interpreter accompany them and provide interpretation service at the moment when communication requirement arises. The interpreter is with that person everywhere and intervenes when it is necessary and becomes the tongue and ear of that person.


Tele Tercme provides services of translation from Turkish to all world languages and from all world languages to Turkish. Tele Tercme has in its cadre professional full time translators translating from their mother languages to 100 world languages and vice versa.

What is in the basis of our success are to make the customer translation request analysis correctly, to work with translators who are specialized in their fields, to use the sources and time correctly and to manage processes well.

You may request your translations with notary certification, with sworn translator approval or with Tele Tercme cachet and approval if you wish and receive those services.


  • Translations of All Sorts of Correspondences
  • Legal Texts
  • Judicial sentences, contracts, official documents, regulations, patents…
  • User Texts
  • For vehicles, durable consumer goods, computers and other technological devices …
  • Technical Texts
  • Maintenance manuals, training documents, catalogs, tender specifications …
  • Articles with Technical, Scientific subjects and Economy
  • Software Programs
  • Advertising Materials
  • Quality Management System Documents - Standards
  • Medicine and Biology sciences translations
  • Operating Reports
  • Book, Brochure, Promotion Materials translations
  • Web Site translations
  • CD and Electronic Publishing translations
Translations and texts may be delivered with page layout performed, per e-mail, in diskettes or CDs in accordance with your requirements.


TELE TERCME offers you WEB DESIGN services as well. No matter what sort of a web site you would like to have, we realize your desire with very economical prices.


  • Personal Web Sites
  • Corporate Web Sites
  • Forum Sites
  • Web Sites for Private Courses
  • Web Sites for Companies
  • Web Sites for Advertisement
  • Translated Web Sites etc


We provide services of all sorts of film post synching as well as subtitle translation. Whatever its language is, it is translated to the desired language by the translators who are specialized in their fields. All of those works of ours are performed in special rooms with sound isolation by listening carefully. Furthermore the system we use for the subtitle translations is the latest system used in Europe. Different translators are charged in each film category. Hence we keep quality in the foreground as an institution.


We delete the questions such as “I do not know this country. How can I go there? Who can I request help from?” when you plan to make a holiday or in your business trips.

We offer you Guidance Services you wish. We take you from the airport and take you to the place where you will stay. Furthermore we accompany you during your holiday or business trip and solve your language problems. We attend your business meetings with you and represent you in the best manner. In addition to those services we provide you with the vehicles with the properties you request for. We supply vehicles from the highest quality and most secure rent a car companies serving in Europe. Our guides specialized in their fields also show you the beauties of the place and inform you. In this manner we target at offering the most professional services in the fields of both holiday and business. Furthermore we offer you information about the most convenient accommodation places.


The translation quality and accuracy of all sorts of correspondences, reports and documents belonging to you and having significance are checked by the translator and approved.

Our checking, approval and reduction works are realized in two phases:

A) Checking Service (Free of Charge); It is realized by examining certain sections selected from particular pages of the work and the result is reported to you.

B) Reduction and Approval Service; They are priced on the basis of time to be spent if there are sections requiring correction.

Checking of the translations are dealt with in accordance with the principles of terminology, grammar, spelling rules, measurement units, abbreviations, correct use and fluency of the target language.


For private lessons those people graduated from education branches who are charged in our institution have been selected to this group. We provide private lessons for you in all branches convenient to your purposes.


In our lessons we target at enabling you to speak that language as if it is your mother language, i.e. more than teaching you that language. As many of educational institutions target at present, we offer you services of lessons focused on practice as well. We use 5 main methods at our lessons.

Furthermore we provide you with the materials. Our books in the languages we give lessons of are all in the mother language; and all of them have been selected carefully. Moreover our teachers are those people speaking their mother languages. All teachers have been continuing their offices in educational services for a long time.

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