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We use a powerful combination of human creativity and machine intelligence to craft consistent quality translations, quickly.

The delivery time will depend on the amount of text you need translated, and on the language combination.

We will help you get your translation when you need it. The delivery time varies depending on the amount of text and the file format. As a guide, you can assume that a translator can translate approximately 2.000 words a day, but this will naturally be affected by the type of text involved, the language and the file format. Is it a legal contract, a thesis, a newsletter to your customers, a technical manual, a handwritten letter or your whole website?

Of course! All of our sworn translators we work with have the competence to translate in the relevant languages and have been certified by notarial oaths.

You can send us your file from the “get an offer” section on our website,or by simply asking our team when contacting us.

There is no universal standard for the notarisation of translations. If you are sending a certificate or testimonial to a foreign government agency, a sworn translation may be required. Often an authorised translation is sufficient. However, we recommend that you check with the body that requires the translation and find out what their requirements are.

The cost of a translation varies and depends on the number of words / pages, the language combination, the delivery time and the file format that you have provided us with. Upload your text here to order a translation or get a quote.

Either you reimport the text yourself, or we can reimport it into the original layout, giving you a finished, proofread file with the correct hyphenation.

Computer assisted translation involves using a translation tool that helps the translator during the translation process. One advantage of using a CAT tool is that the translator can translate a much higher number of words per day because the tool recognises repetitions or text that has been translated before and can be reused.

It is categorised in 3 different advantage groups. You can get information about the language in the group and its advantages by contacting us.

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Academic Translation Services

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