Formula A International Birth Certificate


Birth Certificate Translation
Formula A International Birth Certificate

As the name indicates, international birth certificate translation is a document showing the international validity of your birth information if your birth certificate is submitted to a country other than your country of birth. The birth certificate must be translated in the language of the country where you will submit the formula A translation. Formula A birth certificate translation can be requested by various official authorities for various reasons such as marriage, citizenship, asylum residence permit, work permit and visa. Based on the requesting institution, a sworn or notarized birth certificate translation should be done.

If the person to submit the Formula A documents is over the age of 18, he/she must apply in person or authorize someone by proxy. If under 18, it can be received by his/her parents.

Where to Get Birth Certificate? How to Get the Birth Certificate?

You can get birth certificates from Provincial and District Birth Registration Offices, and Turkish Consulates or Embassies if you are at abroad; Apostille approval is also requested for the original birth certificates. If you are at abroad, you can get an apostille approval of your birth certificate from competent authorities, and if you are in Turkey, you get an apostille approval from the District Governor’s Office and the Governor’s Office.

At this point, the important thing is to meet the translation need through professional sworn translators. Tele World Language Services Office, which will be able to provide fast translation services if necessary and provide sworn translation services with its expert staff in the field of birth certificate translation, will complete your birth certificate translations in the highest quality.

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