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Throughout history, people have always tried to carry out their social relations around a certain order by creating a set of norms and rules. In order to achieve this, laws have been created and judicial and penal systems have been developed to maintain order. The main goal here is to eliminate injustice and ensure justice and trust in relations between people. Therefore, law has always played an active role in ordering the lives of people and states in a peaceful way. Today, when human relations have become very different and complex, it has always played an active role in ensuring justice. In today’s world, where human relations have become very different and complex, certain laws and rules are needed in every field to ensure justice. Legal text is the process of documenting such sanctions in writing, and legal translation is the process of transferring such documents to the target language.

In the globalizing world, many people and states with different cultures and languages ​​sign agreements in various fields and carry out activities in cooperation. It is necessary to translate the agreements signed and the laws enacted for this purpose into different languages. However, translating these non-relativistic agreements and laws into other languages ​​while maintaining their impartiality is an extremely sensitive process. Legal translation, which is a serious business and brings serious responsibilities to the translator, is a kind of technical or specialty translation. Therefore, legal translation requires a special study on the related subject and have at least basic knowledge in the legal field. Right at this point, your legal documents are always in reliable hands of Tele World family, to be translated in the best and correct way.

Your legal documents translated from any source language to the target language, are delivered by our translators who are professional in their field, before the anticipated date or just in time.

Legal translation is a field where final checks should be done after they are completed. Your files are translated by our expert translation team with their experience in the field of your translation, which provides services such as editing, correcting and proofreading when necessary in accordance with the relevant branch. You can get your legal translations from Tele World Language Services office, which will provide fast and sworn translation services in any translation field. Tele World Linguistic Services, a translation company that you can reach at any time and get a reasonable price offer, keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level by working with experienced and expert translators in the field of legal translation.

 The Main Branches of the Law that We Translate are as Follows;

Tax Law, Insurance Law, Company Law, Criminal Law, Maritime Trade Law, International Law, Contract Law, Property Law, Commercial Law..

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