Marriage License Translation


Marriage License Translation

It is the document issued for the official investigation on whether there is an obstacle to the marriage of the couples who will get married in their marriage application, and for the official proof that the spouses have the license to get married, such as age and marital status. The marriage license document including information such as the person’s name, surname, parents’ name and date of birth, marital status and whether there is any obstacle to marriage, is usually requested from foreign nationals. The birth certificate of every Turkish citizen who applies for marriage can be seen electronically through the new system. While, those whose information is not registered in the system for any reason, must obtain a marriage license certificate. The identity register copy issued according to the family registry information, is also used in the place of the marriage license certificate.

Who Should Get Marriage License Certificate?

Information such as the person’s full identity particulars and whether there is any obstacle preventing him/her from getting married should be declared in the marriage application.

Foreign nationals who want to get married in Turkey: This document should also be included in the marriage files of foreign nationals who will marry in Turkey. However, foreign nationals who will marry in Turkey do not need to obtain a separate marriage license if they obtain both a “celibacy certificate” and a “birth certificate” from their country or local representatives.

Turks who will marry at abroad: Marriage license certificate also concerns Turkish citizens who want to get married at abroad. Marriage license application to the birth registration offices (for marrying before foreign local authorities). It is among the documents that Turkish citizens must provide while applying for marriage to the competent authorities in the country where they will marry.

Foreign nationals under the International Protection Law: Among the foreign nationals within the scope of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection, stateless, refugees, conditional refugees, holders of subsidiary protection status, international protection applicants and foreign nationals under temporary protection, who are in Turkey without a residence permit, must also obtain a marriage license certificate.

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