Passport translation


The passport, defined as a special, internationally accepted identity document you will use for traveling to a different country other than your country of citizenship, is the document you need for your travels, health or touristic trips. This document, issued in a foreign language, contains a lot of information about the person who will travel. While some passports are prepared in English, such a condition is not observed in some of them.


Passport translation may be requested for touristic, educational or business trips abroad, during real estate sales to foreign nationals, for transactions such as citizenship, power of attorney, marriage, and official applications made to foreign institutions for different purposes. Notarized or apostille-approved passport translation requests can be received from different authorities, depending on the purpose of application and the institution where the applicant applies.

At this point, the important thing is to meet the translation need through professional sworn translators. Tele World Language Services Office, which will be able to provide fast translation services if necessary and provide sworn translation services with its expert staff in the field of passport translation, will complete your passport translations in the highest quality.


  • Ordinary Passport (Burgundy Passport)
  • Special Passport (Green passport)
  • Service Passport (Grey Passport)
  • Diplomatic Passport (Black Passport)
  • Temporary Passport (Pink Passport)
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