A power of attorney is a written document where one person authorizes another person to act on his/her behalf in certain situations.
The power of attorney can be issued with general or limited authority. According to the code of obligations, a power of attorney is a bilateral contract.


The notary public receives the information and identities of the person who will give the power of attorney and the person who will be given power of attorney. Then, the person who will give the power of attorney is asked the subjects he will give power of attorney, and the subjects to be given power of attorney are added one by one. Then, the prepared contract is signed by the person who will give the power of attorney and one copy is kept by the notary public and another copy is submitted to the principal.


To carry out the transactions, persons who are not Turkish citizens can give a power of attorney at the notary public, through their tax number, notarized passport translations, passport photos and the identity information of the person to be appointed as the authorized representative.

Since the documents are prepared in Turkish at the notary public, it is obligatory for people who do not know Turkish to have the power of attorney issued at the notary public with a sworn translator. The power of attorney issued in Turkish must be translated into the relevant language. The translation of the power of attorney must be done by a sworn translator and notarized. Turkish authorities authorized for administrative documents are usually the Governors and Deputy Governors for provinces and the District Governors for districts, while the Judicial Boards are for Judicial Documents.  Apart from all these procedures and transactions, the original power of attorney issued in the prison must be used.
It is very important to translate correctly and accurately in accordance with the legal rules in order for a convict authorized a lawyer to carry out the legal proceedings in his/her name abroad without any problems. Power of attorneys to be issued in Turkey must be issued in accordance with Turkish laws and certified by a Turkish Notary, authorized to approve the power of attorney. The approval of the power of attorney by a Turkish Notary constitutes proof that this document is prepared in accordance with Turkish laws. If a power of attorney issued in Turkey needs to be translated for using it at abroad, the translation must be apostilled by the competent authorities following the notarization of the translation. The person (principal) giving the power of attorney must sign the power of attorney before a notary public. If the power of attorney is issued on behalf of a legal person such as a company, a Notary Public may request proof whether the person giving the power of attorney is authorized to sign in this regard. Tele World Language Services will guide its customers not only for translating power of attorneys, but also in sworn translation, notary approval and apostille procedures they need until the application for the transaction is completed.


  • General Power of Attorney
  • Power of attorney regarding the transactions to be conducted at the land registration office
  • Power of attorney regarding inheritance and transfer transactions
  • Power of attorney for recognition and enforcement
  • Power of attorney regarding the purchase and sale of real estate
  • Power of attorney authorizing to file a divorce case, or accept a filed divorce case.
  • Power of attorney authorized to establish a mortgage
  • Power of attorney issued by companies
  • Power of attorney regarding the transfer of shares in companies
  • Power of attorney to be given for a promise to sale
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