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The document containing detailed information about the content of education such as high school, undergraduate, graduate, doctorate that you have received from various educational institutions is called transcript. Transcript translation covers the process of translation and approval of your transcript from its original language to another language, by preserving its content and format, according to the application to be submitted. As this document is required at every higher education stage, it is an important document and notarized translation may be needed where transcript translation is required.

Although only the most common given above, transcript translation may not be required just to apply to another educational institution. Transcript translation may be needed in many ways. Some other fields where transcript translation is required can be listed as follows; for applying to educational institutions for undergraduate, graduate, doctorate degree, for equivalence applications if you have received education in a foreign country, for applying for a scholarship to receive educational support, for applying for a job or working in a different field. At this point, the important thing is to meet the translation need through professional sworn translators. Tele World Language Services Office, which will be able to provide fast translation services if necessary and provide sworn translation services with its expert staff in the field of transcript translation, will complete your transcript translations in the highest quality.

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