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Websites with information pages on the internet, where products or various services about a certain content are offered and promoted through individuals or institutions, generally serve a specific subject or purpose such as news, education, commerce, entertainment or social networks.
Websites can be used in various ways. There can be a corporate website as well as a personal website. There can also be an organization’s website. In general, websites put forward for the purposes of an individual, institution or organization.
In the digitalizing world, individuals, institutions and organizations aim to reach larger masses by promoting themselves through websites, and consequently they need website translation services.
Language is often a barrier for website owners who want to be global with their website. Certainly, every website owner wants to have different and engaging content to reach their potential customers all over the world. Therefore, it would be much more productive for them to partner up with a translation company with the knowledge of web and content management systems.

So, what do we offer you?

It is very important to use the right words when translating a website. You also need to speak to your audience like them. Therefore, you should always hire professional local translators for website translation, because they are not only language experts but also true cultural experts. At this point, your translations, carried out by our expert translators, are always in reliable hands of Tele World family. We offer you the efficient and high-quality translation services you need by using the most accurate terms in your content areas such as news, education, commerce, entertainment or social networks, while preserving the accuracy of meaning.

Are Website Translation and Website Localization the Same?

Most people think that website translation and website localization are the same. However, they are not. Website localization is for creating an online experience which has influence in different markets. On that sense, it is quite different from classical translations. When localizing a website, the following elements should be present;
Language and Locality of Your Website: You should carefully choose the words you will use on your website. The words have been specially chosen by us to reliably and accurately make the voice of the brand you have created to local customers heard by them. Your brand’s voice includes phrases that may only be used in certain countries or regions.

Cultural Elements: You can make users feel at home by adding local time and date formats, units of measure, holidays and values ​​to your website.
Trade items: Elements such as currency, payment alternatives, and address must be relevant to local customers to gain the trust of your customers and prove the authenticity of your website.
Communication and Trust Elements: Local phone numbers, native language support, legal notices, and security symbols should be top of the list if you want to gain the trust of your local customers.

Navigation and Discovery: It is very important that your local customers can choose their own language and interact with your website in a short time.

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