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Subtitle translation, is a type of audio-visual translation, can be described as translating a video language into another language through written text. Day by day, we meet many video formats such as series, documentaries and movies. Through developing digital world, increasing contents, not only on television, but also on the internet, we encounter frequently from all over the world, has also increased the demand for subtitle translation.

The main feature of the Voice-over process, which is also a type of audio-visual service, is that it does not consist of only words, but also includes elements such as image, sound and intonation. Therefore, all text elements must be taken into account in both subtitle and voiceover translation.

While working with the same type of text, subtitle and voice-over translators produce text for different purposes, subtitle translators produce texts that the audience will read silently, while voice-over translators produce texts to be spoken by voice actors. The different purposes mentioned above bring along different technical requirements. While translating the subtitles, the cultural nuances between the two languages should be known, and accordingly, the effect created on the audience in the target language should be the same on the audience in the source language.

Deciphering, the process of transcribing sounds, is important for archiving the source and examining it later when needed. Basically, audio documents are converted into text through this process. The most important element in this process is “care” for not spoiling the integrity of the text and therefore the quality of meaning. The person to provide the deciphering process should listen to the source with all attention and not skip any part.

What You Need to Know About Subtitle Translation

Different from other types of translation, subtitle translation has its own characteristics, criteria and rules. Space and time constraints are one of the most important points to be considered in subtitle translation. To explain it further, the field where the translation text is written is usually the part consisting of two lines centered and placed at the bottom of the screen. Each line should not contain more than 35 or 42 characters. This number may vary according to customer request. If time limit, a subtitle must remain on the screen minimum for 1 second and maximum for 6 seconds. These figures are based on the average reading speed of a person. Moreover, there is also a technical part in subtitle translation, such as determining the starting and ending point of the speech. In other words, the start and end points of the speech must be calculated for the subtitle to be synchronized with the audio. Also, the duration of the subtitles and changes in the camera footage should be taken into consideration. Furthermore, another point to be considered in subtitle translation is using correct punctuation marks. You can reach the right service in subtitle translation through our Tele World Language Services, thanks to our experienced translators who are experts and have good command of the rules of subtitle translation.


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