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Medical translation is one of the most important fields of translation among professional translation types. As it is directly related to human health, in terms of preserving good command of medical terminology and the integrity of its meaning, your medical translations, carried out by our expert translators, are always in reliable hands at Tele World family. We provide you with the efficient and high-quality translation services you need by using the most accurate terms while preserving the accuracy of meaning in your medical translations such as medical report translation, technical translations in the field of health, user manual translations, academic translations and thesis translations.

Translation Accuracy Must Be Ensured!

Medical translation is a field where final checks should be done after they are completed. Your files are translated by our expert translation team with their experience in the field of your translation, which provides services such as editing, correcting and proofreading when necessary in accordance with the relevant branch. You can get your medical translations from Tele World Language Services office, which will provide fast and sworn translation services in any translation field. Tele World Linguistic Services, a translation company that you can reach at any time and get a reasonable price offer, keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level by working with experienced and expert translators in the field of medical translation.

Some of the medical topics we translate;

Anesthesia, Biostatistics, Internal Medicine, Dentistry, Diagnostics, Endocrinology, Endoscopy, Thoracic disorders, Public health, Cardiology, Microbiology, Orthopedics, Traumatology, Pathology, Toxicology, Clinical Reports, Studies, Articles, Brochures, Websites, Medical product licenses and patents , Expert reports, Patient information, Experiments, Biochemical research, Theses, Prospectus, Laboratory tests, Medical diagnostic and treatment devices, Texts about materials, tools and devices used in the field of pharmacy, User’s guide of medical equipment and devices, Catalogs, Technical specifications, Medical device , patent and license documents, international correspondence of medical device import and export companies.

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